Fishing activities

Is there a better way to relax than by catching whopping fish in picturesque surroundings, alone or with friends? The North's light summers, the magic of the nightless nights, the clean environment and above all, big rivers or the thousands of crystal clear lakes guarantee unforgettable moments fly-fishing, trolling or lure fishing.   

Kukkola, Village by a River

Tornionjoki river is the biggest free-flowing river in Europe in which whitefish and salmon spawn. Kukkolankoski rapids are a crown jewel of Tornionjoki. It flows unobstructed even in winter. The village of Kukkola is situated by the rapids. The village is one of the old villages dotting the riverside. The village had a number of houses already in the 16th century. Especially near Kukkolankoski rapids you can find beautiful cultural environment and nature in abundance. Many old fishing traditions have been preserved to present day in the rapids area. The cultural environment around Kukkolankoski rapids include the buildings traditional to the area and fishing related constructions on both sides of Tornionjoki river that borders Sweden and Finland. Nowadays old fishing methods are still used in catching whitefish, lamprey and burbot. Even today, when whitefish is fished using a sort of a landing net, "lippo", the day's catch is divided among the village houses based on old agreement.

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Salmon fishing in the Tornionjoki river


 The most sought after and known fish is the salmon. At the Sea-Lapland area natural salmon travelling up river to spawn can be found in Simo-, and Tornionjoki rivers. In the Tornionjoki river the number of salmon has increased dramatically in past few years.

If you have two days of time for salmon fishing, where do you think you can best catch salmon: on the river of Tornio. What about the size of fish? On Tornionjoki river the medium size of fish is 6 to 8 kg, the biggest touching is over the 20 kgs. In Kukkolaraft area salmon is trolled in June and July.  The best season is in June.

Key Information
Tour Duration; from 4 hours to two days
Price from 450€ to 775€ per person
Destination(s): Finland / Sweden - borderline
Specialty Categories: traditional way to fish, Tornionjoki river, historic area, good food
Tour is also Customizable.

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See traditional way to grill the whitefish




Whitefish roasted on a spit (a wooden stake) is the delicacy of the Kukkola Rapids. We´ll grill your freshly caught whitefish over an open fire in the traditional Kukkola fashion. While you wait for your fish to be done, you can sit by the fire and listen to stories. Once your fish is ready, you can enjoy it straight from the fire. Programme include: meet the fisherman at Kukkolaraft and try to fish whitefish by Lippo net.
See traditional way to grill the whitefish and whitefish eating. Duration: ab. 150 minutes and group size at least 6 person.
Price is 48e/ person


Pike is a favorite among Finnish lure fishers. The medium weight of our catch is 2 to 4 kg, and the biggest are over 10 kg. The seasons are May to June, and September to October. The fish are mostly tried to catch with spoons or wobblers. The best season is May 20 to June

Fishing management fee

Fishing management fee is a tax-like fee payable to the State if a person between 18 and 64 years of age practises fishing other than angling or jigging. The fee must also be paid when fishing in one's own waters.

Fishing management fee need not be paid for assisting persons (such as rowers) who do not handle the fishing gear during fishing.  Fishing management fee may be paid for a calendar year or seven days.

Fishing equipment

Rent a set of fishing equipment, ask details; tel +358 400 692301

Spincasting reel, basic 10 € / day
Spinning reel, basic  10 € / day
Spincasting reel, better 18 € / day
Fishing sets include:
- rod, reel, line, catching net and 10 pcs collection of lures/flies in a box


You can use your regular outdoor clothing.
We will give rubber boots, lifewests and warm hats and gloves, if needed.

More informations and reservations: Please call us at +358 400 692301
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