Salmon salar in the Torne River

The Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar, is a fish in the family Salmonidae, which is found in the northern Atlantic Ocean and in rivers that flow into the north Atlantic and, due to human introduction, the north Pacific.

Atlantic salmon in the Torne River (Tornionjoki)

The Torne River (Tornionjoki in Finish) (Torneälv in Swedish) flows into the northernmost rim of the Baltic Sea on the border of Finland and Sweden. The river system is distinctly the largest producer of wild salmon in the Baltic, and one of the largest present spawning rivers of Atlantic salmon in the world.

Salmon (salmon salar) in the Torne River Tornionjoki

The most sought after and known fish is the salmon. At the Sea-Lapland area natural salmon travelling up river to spawn can be found in Simo-, and Tornionjoki rivers. In the Tornionjoki river the number of salmon has increased dramatically in past few years.

If you have two days of time for salmon fishing, where do you think you can best catch salmon: on the river of Tornio.

Kukkolankoski rapids are a crown jewel of Tornionjoki river, which flows unobstructed even in winter.

Come to fish on the Kukkolankoski - raft together with our guides. Fishing there is easy and everybody have a chance to play a huge salmon. Other available services such as catering and accomodation can be added to the fishing package.

What about the size of fish?

On Tornionjoki river the medium size of fish is 6 to 8 kg, the biggest touching is over the 20 kgs.

In Kukkolaraft area salmon is trolled in June and July. The best season is in June and July ( August).

Key Information: Destination(s): Torne River Finland /Sweden Group Size: min. 4 person

Price: three hour's program 85e / person, include; rowing boat with outboard motor, fishing equipment, life jackets, and guiding normally.

Supplement: Fishing management fee and -licenses

National fisheries management fee is 5e per day. Torne river fisheries management fee - day 20e

Please notice that salmon fishing is not allowed between Sunday 7pm and Monday 7pm.


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