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Tornionjoki river is the biggest free-flowing river in Europe in which whitefish and salmon spawn. Kukkolankoski rapids are a crown jewel of Tornionjoki. It flows unobstructed even in winter. The village of Kukkola is situated by the rapids. The village is one of the old villages dotting the riverside. 

The village had a number of houses already in the 16th century. Especially near Kukkolankoski rapids you can find beautiful cultural environment and nature in abundance.

Many old fishing traditions have been preserved to present day in the rapids area. The cultural environment around Kukkolankoski rapids include the buildings traditional to the area and fishing related constructions on both sides of Tornionjoki river that borders Sweden and Finland.  Nowadays old fishing methods are still used in catching whitefish, lamprey and burbot. Even today, when whitefish is fished using a sort of a landing net, "lippo", the day's catch is divided among the village houses based on old agreement.

Kukkola, Village by a River

Rapid Related Activities in Kukkolankoski

Shooting the Kukkolankoski Rapids in a Rubber Boat Shooting the rapids is done in a rubber raft, and the customers participate on steering by paddling.

On a Kuohu Raft to the Shore of Tuohmaa 

This shooting the rapids is done on Kuohu raft, which resembles a log raft. The passengers ride the raft standing, and it is steered with bow and aft paddles as well as with an outboard motor. The route has been traditionally used for log driving, and steep vertical changes add to the challenge of the ride. The event is action-packed right from the start, launching off by shooting Kukkolankoski rapids.

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