Traditional way to grill the whitefish


Kukkola, Village by the Rapids

Tornionjoki river is the biggest free-flowing river in Europe in which whitefish and salmon spawn. Kukkolankoski rapids are a crown jewel of Tornionjoki. It flows unobstructed even in winter. The village of Kukkola is situated by the rapids. The village is one of the old villages dotting the riverside. The village had a number of houses already in the 16th century. Especially near Kukkolankoski rapids you can find beautiful cultural environment and nature in abundance. Many old fishing traditions have been preserved to present day in the rapids area. The cultural environment around Kukkolankoski rapids include the buildings traditional to the area and fishing related constructions on both sides of Tornionjoki river that borders Sweden and Finland. Nowadays old fishing methods are still used in catching whitefish, lamprey and burbot. Even today, when whitefish is fished using a sort of a landing net, "lippo", the day's catch is divided among the village houses based on old agreement.

"We have been netting for over eight hundred years. His majesty's letters from the 17th and 18th centuries give us the right which we stand up for. And those letters have kept their promise. They have been as the river. They have traveled through all sorts of trial. Even the hundred years of Russian dominance was unable to revoke them. The fish of the rapids belong to us. It is the property of the first sixteen estates. In summernights we share the fish according to the original estates". Jaakko Heikkilä, Kukkola by the rapids book.

See traditional way to grill the whitefish


Whitefish roasted on a spit (a wooden stake) is the delicacy of the Kukkola Rapids. We´ll grill your freshly caught whitefish over an open fire in the traditional Kukkola fashion. While you wait for your fish to be done, you can sit by the fire and listen to stories. Once your fish is ready, you can enjoy it straight from the fire. The taste will amaze you!

LOCATION: Our base of operations is the Pohjolan Pirtti, Nordic Safarihouse at the Kukkolankoski,15 km from Tornio city to north road E8.

SEASON: from June to September.

Programme include: meet the fisherman at Kukkolaraft and try to fish whitefish by Lippo net. See traditional way to grill the whitefish and whitefish eating.
Duration: 150 minutes and group size at least 10 person.

Key Information
Tour Duration: 150 min. whitefish activities and 60 min. trip to the fishing museum
Price:  please send email - or call for detail's tel 358 400 692301
Group Size: 10 - 36 person
Destination(s): Finland / Sweden - borderline
Specialty Categories: Fishing, raft, historic area, good food
Season: from June to  September
Tour is also Customizable.


The fishing museum - on the Swedish side a river
The fishing museum is located right in the middle of the historic fishing area. You can learn about the ancient art of long-handle net fishing, rafting, the wooden fishing jetties that are placed out during the summer, and other aspects of the area's fishing tradition. Trip duration 60 minutes.

Key Information
Tour Duration: 60 min
Price from 28e/person
Group Size:
 10 - 36 person
Destination(s): Finland / Sweden - borderline
Specialty Categories: museum
Season: from June to September.
Tour is also Customizable.

Reservations: Please call us at +358 400 692301 to confirm your trip date or send e-mail