Snowmobile safari into the wilderness


Have you ever wondered how the locals make the most of the snowy winter days?
A popular winter activity among the locals is snowmobiling, which combined with
some ice-fishing and outdoor lunch creates a perfectly spent day in the Lappish wilderness.
The safariroute runs along traditional forest tracks, winter roads, and frozen rivers.


Key Information:
Tour Duration: 4 hours
Group Size: min. 6 person
Price: adults 198 e/ person
Children year 4-14 price ; 45€ / person,
- please notice, children under 15 year of age will travel in a sledge pulled by guide’s snowmobile.

Supplement: 68 e / person when driving 1 person / snowmobile

Season from Janyary to March.
Destination(s): Finland / Sweden

Please see - Snowmobile Safety Tips

Clothing and Equipment: Each participant is given the necessary clothing (outerwear) and equipment for the duration of the safari. Clothes to be worn under the overalls during the winter season should be light warm and comfortable.

Your clothing: Underwear: "breathable" material, e.g. thermal underwear Socks: cotton socks worn under woollen socks Trousers: loose-fitting, fleece, cotton or similar Shirt: loose-fitting, high collar, cotton or similar Sweater: wool, fleece or similar