Snowmobilesafari to the Reindeerfarm

Ride the Reindeer-sledge - Experience a short tour in a sledge pulled by reindeer. After some driving instructions, we drive by snowmobiles to a local Reindeer
Farm, where you are greeted by a reindeer herder. Reindeer are an essential part of Lapland’s nature and one of the distinctive signs of the north. They are half-tame
deer, which man has adopted as a domestic animal.  The route to the reindeerfarm runs along traditional forest tracks, winter roads and frozen rivers.

Key Information:
Tour Duration: 4 hours programm, 10–15 min reindeer sledge driving/person
Group Size: min. 6 person
Price: from  225e / person  
Supplement: 68 e / person when driving one person/snowmobile
Destination(s): Finland / Sweden
Season: December (15th of Dec. weather permitting) to end of March

The safari includes a tour in a sledge pulled by reindeer, as well as outdoor lunch .

Ask an offer, please call +358 400 692301  or send e-mail


Please see - Snowmobiling Safety tips

Clothing and Equipment
Each participant is given the necessary clothing and equipment for the duration of the safari. Clothes to be worn under the overalls during the winter season should be light warm and comfortable.

Your clothing:
Underwear: "breathable" material, e.g. thermal underwear
Socks: cotton socks worn under woollen socks
Trousers: loose-fitting, fleece, cotton or similar
Shirt: loose-fitting, high collar, cotton or similar
Sweater: wool, fleece or similar

Snowmobiles are insured, as required by the Finnish Traffic Insurance Act. This insurance covers medical care for injuries to the driver and the passenger arising from accidents. Personal injuries and damages to other parties while driving a snowmobile are fully covered according to the Finnish Traffic Insurance.
Self liability
Safari participants are held liable for damages caused to snowmobiles. Please see - Snowmobiling Safety tips
Driving terms
The driver of a snowmobile must be 18 years old with a valid driving licences. As the responsible safari organizers, we reserve the right to change the routing and duration of the excursions if necessary, according to the prevailing weather and snow conditions, or if deemed advisable for the sake of safety and the comfort of the participants. We also reserve the right to discontinue the safari if a participant is seen as a potential danger to him/herself or to others.