The Reindeer Roundup


Reindeer are an essential part of Lapland's nature and one of the distinctive signs of the north. They are halftame deer, which man has adopted as a domestic animal. Reindeer change their pasture with the changing seasons, in spring and summer they stay mostly in swampy areas and in autumn they prefer the spruce forest. During summer they eat hay, grass and the leaves of bushes. In winter the lichen and moss from the clean nature of the pine forest is of vital importance for their existence.

There are about200 000 reindeer in Lapland. There are approximately 6 500 reindeer owners - herdsmen. The owner can recognise his reindeer from a special mark made on the animal's ear.

Marking the reindeer fawns: In summer the owners roundup their reindeer in specially made corrals, where the fawns are marked with the same mark as their mother's. Those fawns, which are not marked in summer, will receive heir marking either in the autumn or early winter roundup.

The reindeer roundup

Reindeer round up: in autumn the owners gather their reindeer once again. Those that are to be slaughtered are separated from the herd. At the same time reindeer belonging to other reindeer owners' association are separated and brought to the rightful owners. At the roundup the reindeer are counted.

The reindeer roundup program -   please call for details +358 400 692301
Price includes; Equipments, guide services, meal.
Languages; English and Finnish
Time and duration ; October to November, 8 -12 hours
Location; Kemi, Yllas (Kittila), Hetta
Availability: to order

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