Northern lights - Nightly Light Show

The trip leads to witness the Lappish nature. Nighttime and a winter hiking trip into the forest. If we are lucky the sky is clear and we will see and enjoy the wonderful Northern lights dancing above us.

Northern Lights
Hunting the Northern Lights - safari to the island Toivola (Sweden) walking with snowshoes

The tour leads you to witness the Lappish nature magic. Night, winter hike on snowshoes walking in deep snow, in the woods and on the ice. The beginning of the night we move the forest in search of the northern lights playgrounds in the northern sky.

Always remember that the Northern lights are a natural phenomenon and therefore sightings cannot be guaranteed!

Key information
  • Tour Duration: total duration of the program is two hours – time 20:00-22:00 (UTC+2)
  • Group size: minimum two person
  • Price: 95 € / person

Season from 15th of December (weather permitting) to end of March